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Frequently Asked Questions Guide

Disclaimer Statement;

SHIP seeks to maintain accurate information whenever possible but reserves the right to modify information, policies and figures as it deems necessary to accommodate the complex and dynamic nature of such a development project.  SHIP seeks to provide the best value for the community and  tenants while at the same time meeting financial and operating mandates shared by all stakeholders involved.

1. How will the units be assigned? Units will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, considering tenant meet all expected requirements.

2. Will people who currently live in subsidized housing elsewhere have a priority to live in Hansen subsidized units? The Region of Peel is responsible for subsidized units. Please call Peel Access To Housing at (905) 453-1300 or visit

3. What will be the fee for extra storage? No extra storage will be offered.

4. What utilities are extra over and above rent?  Hydro, cable TV, phone, and the internet.

5. How does parking work? Costs? Locations? Only underground Parking space rental is available to tenants on a first come first served basis.  A family that has two cars will only be offered a second space IF there is availability.

6. Will washing machines be allowed in units for those who do not wish to use the laundry room? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate washing machines in the apartment units.

7. Will pets be allowed? Yes, pets are allowed.  The tenants must agree that as pet owners, they will be fully responsible and liable for all damages caused by pets.  To ensure the safety and happiness of all Hansen tenants, larger dogs are discouraged.

8. Will there be central A/C? Yes, each tenant will have the freedom to control their heating and cooling as needed.

9. Is tenant insurance mandatory? Yes, all tenants are required to have tenant insurance before taking possession of their unit.